10.30 am every Sunday on the internet

    We have been able to set up services using the internet on a facility called Zoom. All you need is a smart phone, a laptop or PC and log in.

    Details on the home page where a zoom link will be posted before the service.

    The format is that you sit at home with a nice coffee. We mute everyone or the person in charge will mute everyone once we have stopped chatting. When we display and play the hymns usually from You Tube; feel free to sing but nobody will hear you, so go on don't be shy. We try to have 2 or 3 hymns with the words on the screen. We pray, and listen to the Word from the Bible and a short sermon. Join and leave when you want, nobody can see you sneaking in late or leaving early.

    At the moment, for easy, we are not pass wording the access to Zoom but you may have heard of Zoom Bombing, where malevolent characters enter  the meeting and try to spoil things. If that ever happens then we will need to secure the meeting by password, which means that the technical guys will need your email address. This has not happened so far and indeed the zoom controller has certain powers.