Children helping children and making a huge difference in Romania……and in the UK!

The children of St. George’s Scout and Guide Group, Mill Hill, Blackburn and the children of St. George’s Church have for several years helped to raise funds and humanitarian aid, to send to Romania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, to help the disadvantaged children of the country. It all started when one of the leaders and Church members, Pete, decided to involve the children with a Romanian Charity, Casa Harului, or ‘House of Grace’. 

The ‘Casa Harului’ project conceived by Beni and Maria Medrea, was to build a camp or centre specifically for disabled and
disadvantaged children, as well as helping children in the wider community. The project commenced in 1997, and the building of the camp began on land donated by Maria’s mother. This is set in a beautiful valley, near the village of Varmega, in the Carpathian Mountains, in the south west of Romania (Transylvania). 

Casa Harului provides a Christian based one-week holiday, including bible study, spiritual lessons and songs of praise, for the disadvantaged children from the local towns and orphanages throughout the summer months. The camps are run from the beginning of June, and approximately 1000 children attend, with the costs funded by many charities, including St. George’s Scout Group and Church. The camps have been extended into Spring and Autumn, with additional weeks specifically catering for children with more challenging disabilities, HIV and autism. With Maria having recently completed her training to work with children with autism and their parents, the camp can now provide respite to these families and also provide simple educational toys to assist the children with their development.

To provide further impetuous, the Scout and Guide Group visits the camp every 3 years. The young people aged 11 to 15 years experience the trip of a lifetime, reinforce their Christian values, meet Romanian Scouts, enjoy the beauty of Romania, see many hardships, but most of all see the fruit of their labour and how it makes a difference through their charity and endeavour.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to International Aid Trust who generously assist us with our children's work.