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About International Aid Trust  (Content from their website)

From a dream to reality and from despair to hope.

Since 1991, International Aid Trust has been taking Christian Compassion across our hurting world.

Their projects include; Here in the UK Helping the needy by networking with other UK charities, which includes; rehabilitation of offenders, retraining long term unemployed, supporting re housing programs, but much of our UK work is of a personal nature and therefore cannot be publicised. Overseas they have; self help schemes, rehabilitation of offenders, long term unemployed, humanitarian aid, drug and alcohol rehabs, child and family sponsorship programs, education, bible school, church and pastor support, help for orphanages, prison ministry, aids victim and hospital support, rescued street children’s homes ministry, shoe boxes. The list goes on. Many thousands have been helped and supported in over forty different nations. In Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe they have established tried and trusted networks of caring dedicated leaders and volunteers of whom many have been with them since they began all these years ago. Today every penny is precious and hard come by and they do their utmost to make every penny count.

Lives continue to be saved and changed forever – because you care.