We offer Jesus Christ

Jesus said, ‘No-one comes to the Father except by me’ (John 14:6). His saving death on the Cross was God’s way of dealing with our sins. Respectfully, courteously, but confidently, we proclaim Jesus Christ as the only way to God. We do not condemn others, but the most loving thing we can do for them is to point them to Christ.

We offer God-centred worship

We believe it is important for worship to be accessible, but to be focused on God and not merely ‘entertainment’. Our services are liturgical, dignified and joyful, with language drawn mainly from Scripture. We use both traditional and modern language.

We offer Bible-based Christianity

We believe that the Bible is God’s revelation to the human race and contains everything necessary for salvation. All our teaching is drawn from it. While not imposing total uniformity of approach, the Free Church of England asserts the basic trustworthiness of the Bible. As a result, our position on moral issues is generally traditional.

We offer historic Christianity

Our structures, constitution, and worship are in direct continuity with the historic Church in England and reach back via the Church of the Fathers to the original apostolic communities. Like the majority of the world Church we have a traditional male ordained ministry of bishops. presbyters and deacons.

We offer a challenge

Following Jesus Christ is demanding. To be a Christian is a whole-life commitment - involving ethical, financial and life-style decisions. It can bring unpopularity and misunderstanding, but at the same time it is an immensely liberating and fulfilling path of discipleship.

We offer fellowship

Our congregations are local families where people find friendship and support. Many of our Churches have various kinds of youth work. We have members and clergy of different ethnic backgrounds.

We offer stability

We are not a new Church. Our current congregations is over 100 years old, with worshippers whose families have been members for several generations, as well as new members. Our corporate life is lived within the framework of a long-established Constitution.

We offer relevance

The Gospel challenges every generation and culture, as well as every individual. That is as true in the 21st century as it was in the 1st. But, equally, the Gospel is relevant to every generation. It offers God’s yardstick by which to understand contemporary events. And to every man, woman and child it offers meaning, hope and joy that will last beyond death.

We invite you to join us!